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Best Vietnamese places in Oakland, CA
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712 Franklin St, Oakland, CA
Chow jew ho fun in 270 mentions
Noodle soups in 150 mentions
Fried fish cakes in 114 mentions
Thick rice noodles in 52 mentions
Thin egg noodles in 61 mentions
3801 Allendale Ave, Oakland, CA
Angel wings in 148 mentions
Pad thai in 90 mentions
Noodle soups in 51 mentions
Green curry in 18 mentions
1301 Franklin St, Oakland, CA
Spicy noodle soup in 55 mentions
Mongolian beef in 9 mentions
Tamarind beef in 15 mentions
Faux meat dishes in 30 mentions
1909 International Blvd, Oakland, CA
Egg rolls in 13 mentions
Soy milk in 10 mentions
Bun bo hue in 8 mentions
Pickled vegetables in 6 mentions
1613 Park St, Alameda, CA
Spicy chicken salad in 39 mentions
Beef noodle soup in 22 mentions
Vegan chocolate cake in 21 mentions
Carrot cake in 13 mentions
Pad thai in 30 mentions
702 International Blvd, Oakland, CA
Bahn mi in 32 mentions
Fried rice in 32 mentions
Pad thai in 9 mentions
338 12th St, Oakland, CA
Broken rice plates in 62 mentions
Catfish soup in 4 mentions
Spring rolls in 58 mentions
Beef rice porridge in 11 mentions
1228 7th Ave, Oakland, CA
Chicken noodle soup in 74 mentions
Ho fun noodles in 47 mentions
Rice noodles in 28 mentions
724 Webster St, Oakland, CA
Bun rieu in 12 mentions
Bun bo hue in 15 mentions
344 12th St, Oakland, CA
Bun rieu in 36 mentions
Banh xeo in 7 mentions
Grilled pork in 7 mentions
Vietnamese coffee in 4 mentions
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