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Best Japanese places in La Jolla, San Diego
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875 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA
Polynesian crab stack in 139 mentions
Duck quesadillas in 70 mentions
Mini lamb chops in 23 mentions
Filet mignon in 6 mentions
Pork spring rolls in 10 mentions
915 Pearl St, La Jolla, CA
Lobster roll in 10 mentions
Mongolian beef in 9 mentions
Orange chicken in 6 mentions
Fried rice in 4 mentions
Green tea in 4 mentions
1025 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA
Kitchen sink roll in 38 mentions
Vegetarian rolls in 5 mentions
Calamari appetizer in 5 mentions
Orange crush roll in 24 mentions
2662 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA
Seaweed salad in 7 mentions
Monkey balls in 6 mentions
Miso soup in 7 mentions
Spicy tuna roll in 17 mentions
Pb sushi in 4 mentions
7614 Fay Ave, La Jolla, CA
California roll in 3 mentions
Black cod in 4 mentions
Kobe beef in 3 mentions
Salmon sashimi in 3 mentions
Shabu shabu in 37 mentions
3211 Holiday Ct, La Jolla, CA
Chicken katsu in 7 mentions
Wrapped in cucumber in 4 mentions
Green tea in 7 mentions
Shrimp tempura roll in 17 mentions
Salmon sashimi in 4 mentions
8960 University Center Ln, San Diego, CA
Bread pudding in 4 mentions
Chilean sea bass in 9 mentions
Chocolate lava cake in 29 mentions
Carne asada roll in 9 mentions
Fresh fruit in 4 mentions
4150 Regents Park Row, La Jolla, CA
Tofu hot pot in 12 mentions
Salmon roll in 4 mentions
Green noodles in 12 mentions
Green tea in 7 mentions
Fried ice cream in 20 mentions
7728 Regents Rd, San Diego, CA
Ramen noodle in 3 mentions
Agedashi tofu in 3 mentions
Don rice bowl in 9 mentions
Miso soup in 4 mentions
Chicken curry udon in 16 mentions
3251 Holiday Ct, La Jolla, CA
Firecracker roll in 3 mentions
Volcano roll in 5 mentions
Scallop roll in 4 mentions
Baked scallop in 3 mentions
Spicy scallop in 3 mentions
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